Some of you may have seen our earlier post on What a End User Licence Agreement is. This makes it clear that there are some important rights which go alongside agreeing to buy and play a game. Further, these can be skewed in the games companies favour due to their tenacious protection of their rights.

The bargaining position between gamers and games companies can be skewed and legal terms can seem inaccessible.

In this case there are a number of resources which can be help you demystify these terms. One site which is exceptional for this is the UKIE site. The gaming trade body is well placed to defend and inform gamers of their rights and is regularly updated with important topical content.

However, another site which helps inform users and game producers, and is often missed, is the Fair EULA site. This site breaks down EULA’s- what they mean, why and their impact on players. That makes it a useful one-shop stop for anyone wanting a digestible look at how EULA terms impact them as a consumer and what they really are agreeing to when they sign such documents.

If you are in the gaming industry or creating your own game the Fair EULA site provides a short introduction into drafting your own EULA and making it fit for purpose, all with the end user in mind. I highly recommend you give it a quick read.

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